Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A's Birth Story

I had a Labor Day this year that I will never forget. I had the honor of being in the room with one of my best friends in the world to take pictures while she had her fourth baby girl. Such an amazing experience! Thank you so much M & C for letting me share this special moment with you and witnessing the first breaths of precious baby A. What a doll!!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Senior & Missionary Portraits

Hey everybody!  Just wanted to post a few of my senior portraits as well as missionaries in one spot.  Hope you enjoy!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Craft Room Reveal

We've been in our house for a little over 10 months now and I have been using half of the bonus room as my office/craft room.  It worked great except for this little spot...the sewing table.
It was functional and all, just a bit crowded.  I had my serger set out on the hinged table top and always worried that it might give way under the weight.  And since about November I have really gotten into quilting.  (This is a whole other post in and of itself!)  So I decided I wanted to re-do the whole space.  Here is how it was set up before (don't mind the fabric laid out on the carpet...I was mid project):

Now this process was not so simple, as things tend to be with me.  I am definitely an over thinker.  My poor husband is the most patient and kind man alive and had to put up with a lot of my mind changing.  I thought I wanted a wrap around desk in either a U-shape along the walls or a T-shape in the middle.  I combed through Pinterest for days trying to find a  setup that I both liked and could afford.  You see, I'm cheap.  About as cheap as they come.  Finally I decided we should just go to IKEA and put together a humongous U desk.  It's about a 90 minute drive each way and then we spent a couple of hours at the store picking things out.    The next day we spent a few hours putting together drawer units and cubbies.  We set things out and guess what?  I didn't love it.  We had spent about $500 on all the stuff and I just didn't love it.  So back it went to the store (all except for a huge picture for the wall) and I went to plan B.

I had a farmhouse rectangular table that I had bought off a classified add for $25.  I was planning on refinishing it for my dining room but changed my mind. I then found another very similar rectangular table at the thrift store for $15.  $40 for two desks was sounding a whole lot better than $500.  The tables each started out as 36" wide by 59" long.  My amazing neighbor cut the table tops down for me to be 28" wide.  I sanded, and sanded, and sanded those tabletops like mad and then stained them with Kona color wood stain.  I only needed two of the legs for each table because we mounted the back of the tabletops directly to the walls using 2x4s screwed into the wall studs.  I painted the legs with the white paint left over from the baseboards and doors in our house.  These two desks left me with a big space in the middle to fill.  Remember this table from the office in my previous house?
It was time to bring her out of hiding in the unfinished basement and spiff her up with a matching stain/paint job.  Here are my new twin desks!
I didn't want there to be too many cords visible, so we drilled a hole in each table top and mounted a power strip to the 2x4 to plug things in to.

 Here's the whole space from a couple of different angles.  I tried to do photos with the shades up, because I have a truly amazing view of the mountains, but the lighting was a bit difficult.

The hutch is still on the same wall but got moved over a bit.  I also decided to repaint the blue to a brighter shade of aqua, but I could not convince myself to repaint the whole thing in a matching bright white, so the majority of it is still a distressed ivory color.
The shelves are filled with all my pincushions, fabric bundles, DVD to watch while I craft or sew, and a few other vintage goodies.

I had to size up on my fabric cubby.  The cassette holder just wasn't cutting it.  I am telling you people, the fabric addiction is VERY real!  This beautiful wood cubby is made my Pottery Barn and I picked it up at the thrift store for $10.
Above the fabric cubby is my 75-cent yard sale Coke crate filled with thread, a couple of mini quilts I have made, my vintage doggy figurines that I got for $3 for all, and Prudy the Pig, whom I fell in love with for $1.

Next to Prudy is an IKEA frame that I found at the thrift store for $4.  I spray painted it teal and framed a piece of thin batting.  It is now my idea/project board for quilting.  I can just stick my squares up there while they are in process or waiting to be turned into a quilt.
This white shelf is from Michaels and is perfect to store and display cute craft supplies like ribbon, buttons, twine & brushes.  I got the shelf on sale for I believe $30.  The cherry tin was 50 cents from the DI as well as the strawberry ceramic.  The glass jars are from Hobby Lobby and were on their wonderful 50% sale for $1.49 each.
On the wall behind my sewing machine I have a magnetic knife strip that I got from Wal-Mart and hang my scissors on.  I have no idea with the original purpose of the wood thing was, but I painted it and use it to store some of my bias tape and trimmings.

The metal rotating organizer from Harbor Freight got a new red paint job, and my table shelves now house the printer and a stack of quilt squares for my Farm Girl quilt.

We built a shelf that runs the length of the wall above the windows.  We just used 6" pine boards and precut corbels from Lowe's.  It's where I display my vintage toy sewing machines as well as a few other vintage tin toys I have collected.
  Yes, there's also fabric up there.  A quilt kit and a couple of yummy fat quarter packs.  The white colander I bought as is at the thrift store for $2.  The blue one was $1 and I spray painted it that color.
I have a white metal three-tiered cart on the "office" side of the room that I got from Michael's.  It is full of vinyl, patterns, and other crafting goodness.

And the final piece is a cutting table.  I have been cutting fabric on the floor for years and my knees and cutting mat were ready for a change!  I got the six-cube unit from Michael's for $35, turned it on it's side, added some legs from Lowe's and a piece of plywood as the top.  I still need to touch up the stain on the sides of the table top, but haven't gotten around to it.  There is a disclaimer with this design....it will tip forward if you push down on the front edge of the table top too hard.  The overhang is just enough for me to fit my knees under, and I am pressing down on the center of the table as I cut fabric, so it has worked just fine for me.
The shelves are full of the vintage sheets I have been collecting from thrift stores.  I have used a few of them to make Easter dresses for my girls and also as backs on quilts.  They are just so soft and such beautiful florals that I can't pass them up.  Especially since they are usually priced at $2-4 a piece.
 A jar of Tasha Noel fabric is enough to make this girl happy any day of the week!
I attached a wire thingy on the side to hold some pattern books.  I got it from Homegoods for $14
Up top are my cutting mats, some of my favorite quilting eye candy books & gorgeous stack of charm packs.  This table faces the TV on the other wall, so I can cut fabric and watch my favorite shows.

The barstool just might be my favorite part of the room, although it's hard to choose.  I wish I would have taken a before picture of it, but I did not.  It was a beigy/brown color and the seat had some tears in it.  I painted it a bright shiny red and covered it in one of my favorite fabrics.  I love how it turned out!
Thanks for taking the tour of my new space :)