Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My Vintage (thrifted) Craft Room - Part I

When we started building our house almost three years ago, I couldn't stop daydreaming about a craft room.  I would pour through Pinterest posts collecting ideas and more ideas.  Yet once we moved in, my office/craft room remained a plain old box.  I decorated the girls' rooms, the kitchen, the family room, etc. but for whatever reason it took me a while to get to the one room I wanted to decorate most.  I think it was because I wanted it to be just right.  After all, I spend the majority of the daylight hours in this room.  I do all my transcription sitting in front of this computer.  I do most of my Pinterest searching here as well (usually between typing reports).  And when I finish up my typing for the day, I can work on crafts!  So let's begin the tour!

Hmmm....where to start?  One of my favorite pieces is my gun cabinet makeover.  I'll do a separate post later so you can see the before and after photos, but for now just take a look at it's faux vintage beauty.  Looks old and awesome, right?  There's a few tricks to that I'll share in the coming post.

It was one of the first pieces I finished for the room and I absolutely love it!  Tall and glorious about sums it up.  And of course there are some vintage beauties on top, including a box I made out of an old wooden yard stick that I found at a thrift store for $1.  The globe also came from the DI and was $3 and the metal army fan is from an antique store so it set me back $25.  Totally. Worth. It.

Next up is the desk.  Since I do transcription, it had to be the right height as far as the keyboard drawer goes.  It also had to be wide enough at the opening to fit the wide arms of my executive chair (not pictured here because it ain't pretty). I bought the desk at the DI and it was made of the fake stuff, not real wood, so I had to use chalk paint to make sure it would stick.  I also did a glaze over the top which wasn't actually glaze at all.  I just watered down some stain, wiped it on lightly, and wiped most of it back off.  (This makes for a really good arm workout in case you are looking for one.)  The end result is a really pretty blue/gray color.


On top of my desk I have this fabulous rotating storage bin.  I bought the bin at Harbor Freight and with a 20% off coupon I think it was only around $16.  It comes black but I painted it with some oil-rubbed bronze spray paint to match the hardware on the desk drawers.  It holds some of my smaller crafting and office supplies so they are easily at my fingertips.

Above the desk is a cute little shelf I bought off a classified for $8.  I spiffed it up with a coat of paint and some bead board that I had left over from another project.  This shelf holds the majority of my vintage spool collection that I got from the DI for $25. I think there were 14 pieces total, so it was a pretty good find.  I've wrapped some lace and measuring tapes around them.  I use the open-ended spools to store my washi tape.

The "Count Your Blessings" blocks are a pretty quick and easy project.  Just decide how many pictures you want to display.  I did six,so to decide how wide my bottom lettering blocked needed to be, I just lined up my 2x4 pieces that I had cut to random heights.  I painted each of the blocks and Modge Podged fabric to the front of a couple of them.  Glam them up with a bit of string and glue on a mini clothespin to hold your photos.  

Next to the desk is an amazing table that I'm honestly not sure what to call.  It's tall and so when I found it I originally thought I could use it as a cutting surface for fabric, but let's be real...I do all my cutting on the floor.  The best part about this table is the little drawers that line the side and those gorgeous drawer pulls.  Swoon!  I picked this beauty up at a yard sale for a mere $10.  I didn't do anything to it except fill it up with stuff!

On the bottom shelf I put a wire basket to house all of the vintage maps I have.  This was another yard sale score.  I got a full box of maps for $5.

The top shelf is home to an adorable metal Paymaster.  I honestly don't know what the function of this thing is, but I just love the color and the buttons and handle...everything about it!

On top of the table is another globe.  This one I paid $8 for at the DI because these things are getting harder and harder to come by.  There is also an amazing vintage stamp set I picked up at an antique store for $35.  Part of it's charm was the old seed catalog box it came in.  The prop that holds the box open also has a ruler printed on it, which I love.  There's just something about measuring devices, not sure what it is...

Above the tall table is an American Family Scale Company hanging scale.  It is home to a few more wooden spools with lace, burlap, etc.  I just hung it from a hook in the ceiling.  I picked the scale up at Savers for $5.

Finishing up the east wall of the office/craft room is my wall of rackets.  No, I don't play tennis, but for a while now I've been collecting these old wooden tennis rackets on my thrift store runs.  They were each in the $3-5 range.  I wasn't really sure what I was going to do with them, but once I started decorating the office I knew this little awkward wall would be the perfect place for them.  I just used two nails to hold each one, one below the handle and one just inside the frame.  I didn't bother to measure anything out, just eye-balled it and went to town with the hammer and nails!

Click HERE for the second half of the tour!


  1. Yes yes yes!!!! Love it all my beautiful, talented friend. Keep them coming!!!!

  2. Love all the antiques! The paymaster is what a company would use to print the paychecks to their employees and possibly other checks. It was one of the first 'printed checks used by business.

    1. Thank you MuseCat10! Too bad I can't print myself some paychecks with it ;)