Friday, January 22, 2016

Painting a peg puppy

A while back I painted our family in peg dolls, but since then we have added one more member to our family: Tucker.  We adopted him about eight months ago and I guess he's here to stay (insert exasperated sigh here).

Since Tucker is just a little guy, a shorkie to be exact, I needed an extra small peg doll to use.  I didn't have one on hand that was smaller than our big dog Daisy, and so I just got out the hand saw and miter box and cut it down to size. 

Now he's ready for paint.  I started out with a base coat all over the peg in a cream color.  I just used acrylic craft paint and one small brush to do the whole thing.

Next I painted on the ears.  His ears are longer than our other dog and streaked with different colors.  Getting them even, or at least close to even, was the trickiest part.  I also painted on some little paws
in front with a khaki colored paint.

Next was the face.  I really didn't know how to make him look as furry as he is, but I just did the best I could but making a darker patch of fur around the eyes and then going over it a bit at the bottom with a light furry nose area.  I added a dark brown nose and a downturned little mouth.  I also painted some "shaggy" legs with the same color I used for the paws.

Last but not least are those big dark eyes of his.  All of my other peg people have tiny dot eyes, but I wanted to make Tucker's bigger because this puppy has some big pouty eyes!  I also gave him his collar, which has little crossbones on it.

Here he is ready to join the family!

 Is it a good likeness?  I'm not looking to win any awards here...obviously!

 Here we are - one big happy family!

I display them on a big ceramic candle holder I found at a thrift store for $1 and have them under this gorgeous glass cloche I bought at JoAnn for $8.

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