Thursday, January 21, 2016

My Vintage (thrifted) Craft Room - Part II

Welcome back!  If we pick up where we left off, we are now on the south wall of the craft room.  Here you will find my metal typewriter table ($5 from DI) and my black Smith & Corona Typewriter.  I bought this from a lady on the classifies for $40.  I'd been searching high and low for one and wasn't willing to pay the $85 they were asking in antique stores.  A couple of months after I bought this typewriter, a friend and I went into a thrift store and found a gorgeous typewriter that was even older than this one for only $25.  Unfortunately someone else had bought it about four minutes before we got there.  That is definitely the one that got away!  Don't you hate that?

The curtains mostly came from a yard sale.  I bought the bottom portions, ruffles and all, for two or three bucks.  They weren't long enough so I added about 18 inches to the top in this cool map fabric I found at Hobby Lobby.  I just flipped them upside down so that the pockets are on the bottom, and then added the extra fabric and made my own pocket in it.  Not sure this cut down on the amount of sewing really, but I hate doing hems.  It seems I can't sew straight to save my life!

The couch was a major project!  The hubster and I had reupholstered a channel back chair once before so I thought I could handle this small couch.  I picked it up at DI for $15.  But it sort of turned into not such a cheap project when I had to buy the fabric.  Turns out I needed four yards and I went back to JoAnn's about six different times agonizing over whether to spend the money or not.  I chose this slightly textured peacock blue (love!) and got it 50% off but it still set me back about $45.  I also had to buy the nailhead trim, the buttons, wax string, and long needles to do the upholstering. The end result is a dream but to be honest, I'm kind of afraid to sit on it.  And we've had a few setbacks in that some of the fabric covered buttons must not have been secured tightly enough and the tops have popped off.  (I may have cried a bit when this happened.)  At this point I am totally unwilling to take the back off and pull the buttons back through, so I have just hot glued the button tops back on.  Doing the tufting was quite a task.  I had two teenage girls down here holding the couch steady while I pulled with all my might on the strings and tied them as tightly as I could. 


After. And on a side note, that beautiful gold arrow pillow came from Ross for $8.

The corner is home to this lovely golden chair that I got from the St. George DI while on vaca for $10.  I had originally planned to reupholster and paint it, but haven't do so yet.  I kind of dig the gold and it matches the room quite well. 

Down on the floor is my fabric scrap display.  Can you tell what it is?  It's an old cassette tape holder!  It cost me $3 at DI.  I just fold up my scraps and wrap them around the dividers.  Easy peasy and super cute.  On top I have some very cool vintage patterns for display purposes only, although my hubby keeps asking when I'm going to make him the vest outfit.

On the wall I have a little storage cupboard ($4) that has half-pint canning jars full of buttons and some cute little glass snap top jars from the Target dollar spot.  The little tins are some kind of vintage molds that I got at a yard sale for super cheap.  The other wall has my string art U.S. map.  This was another painstaking project.  I used tiny little nails and thin string and it took for-ev-er!  The board itself was simple enough though.  I just used a couple of $3 cedar fence posts from Home Depot, cut them down, connected them together with two thin boards and screws, and stained it.

The hutch was another one of those "I will never do this again" kind of projects.  I bought it off the classifieds for $60 and was thinking I could just paint over it.  Turns out there were so many layers of paint on this bad boy that it was actually textured.  And so I had to strip it down.  Well actually, I tried sanding it for a couple of hours first and wasn't having much luck, so then I used a paint stripper on it.  That worked only okay as well.  There were five coats of paint on this thing and it wasn't going down without a fight.  So it was back to the good old palm sander.  I would go out and sand for an hour or so until my whole arm was vibrating, and then I'd have to walk away from it for a while.  It made me so mad!  Once I finally got all the paint removed, I painted it again in the new color (and yes, I realize it's not that different from the original-haha).  This too was a pain in the rear because it took so many coats.  I cut down strips of bead board as the backer and painted it the same color as the desk.  I stained the top of the lower cabinet with a dark walnut that matches the legs of the couch and the string board.  I used a 1x8 and 1x3 board from Lowe's to create the cubbies, which I glued and brad nailed together.  I put cute metal name plates on the front of the cubbies but haven't decided what to label them yet.  The wood crates at the bottom were stained to match and then I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut vinyl to use as stencils for the numbers.  I love the result but truly hated the process.

 This was about 1/4 of the way through the sanding/stripping/sanding process.

I made the fabric pendant banner, which is a pretty quick and easy project.  You can find my tutorial on how to make one HERE

The shelves hold various crafting supplies, like buttons in the gumball machine, and spools of trim in the 50-cent DI wood bowl.  There are also some sentimental things on display.  I tried to display something from each of my grandparents that has passed away in the room.  Like my Grandpa P's Pentax camera that I learned photography on in high school, a picture of my Grandpa O's dad's bicycle shop in the 1920s, and a Russian nesting doll that my Grandma O brought back from a trip to Russia for me when I was a little girl.  I made the paint box simply because I could not find a wood tool box that was wide enough or shallow enough for what I wanted.  I used scrap wood I found in the garage and just used my good ol' Airstrike cordless nail gun to put it together.  I distressed it a bit with a hammer and whatever else I could find to hit it with.  Then I painted it the same color as the hutch and of course did an antique stain to top it off.  A perfect fit for all my craft paint and brushes.

Last but not least is my sewing machine corner.  I bought the table at thrift store for $10 and while my Grandma's machine fits inside it, I can't figure out how to actually mount it to the table so I can lower it down. Maybe one day.

I got this old Coca Cola crate at a yard sale for the screaming deal of 75 cents.  I kid you not!  These things sell for $35 a piece on the classifieds, so I was so giddy I was practically skipping back to the car when I bought it.  It makes the perfect place to store all my thread.

The last little piece I have to show is the pallet arrow I made.  The wood was all warped and bent and it actually turned out even cuter because of it.  If you have a new chop saw you are looking to try out, these are super fun and easy to make.  You don't need any specific measurements, just try out different cuts and sizes and see what you like best.  I stained mine and then used the Silhouette once again to make a vinyl stencil for my painted "Office" lettering.

That's it for the craft room tour.  Thank you so much for stopping by!

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