Monday, January 25, 2016

Valentine's Stuffies

My front porch has been pretty bare since I took down the Christmas decor, so I thought I'd better come up with something for Valentine's day to spruce it up.  I found a cute little red wire basket at the thrift store the other day for $3 and today I made some stuffies to fill it.

My supplies consisted of six pieces of craft felt, a quarter yard of cotton fabric from JoAnn in two different prints, assorted trims and buttons, scissors, and the trusty ol' glue gun.

 I started out by cutting each sheet of felt in half.  I wanted to get one heart out of each sheet.

Next I channeled my elementary school days of cutting out paper hearts by folding the felt in half.  Once I had one heart cut out I lined it up with the next piece of felt so that they would pretty close to the same size and my heart would have a front and back piece.

The cotton fabric was easier to cut out because it is much thinner.  I just doubled it up and was able to cut two out at once.  So here are my fabric hearts all cut out.  I also cut some smaller hearts to use as appliques and some "XOXO" letters out of the felt scraps.

I headed to the sewing machine and stitched around the cotton hearts.  Make sure to sew with right sides together and to leave yourself an opening to turn the fabric right side out as well as put in your stuffing.  It helps to reinforce the end and beginning of your sewing lines with a bit of back stitching.

Next I clipped the corners and cut in nice and close to the seam at the bottom point of the heart.

I flipped them inside out and stuff, stuff, stuff!  A quick tip for turning things right side out is to use a crochet hook.  It really is prefect for the job.  It is pointy but rounded at the end so you won't ram through your seams like you might if you were using a pencil, or even worse, a seam ripper (Not that I'm speaking from, never!)

I (of course) ran out of actual stuffing after filling up my first heart.  So I just scouted around the house for a cast off bed know, the ones that aren't fluffy enough to support your noggin anymore?  I've done this many times.  All you have to do is just cut the pillow open and pull out some stuffing.  You can "re-fluff" it by pulling it apart between your hands like you would pull taffy.  Good as new!

On two of the felt hearts I wanted to use appliques cut out of the cotton fabrics to coordinate.  I used Heat n Bond to apply them, making sure to use a scrap of cotton fabric in between the iron and the felt so that it would not melt.

I thought I would try a different technique to seal the felt hearts and so I  used hot glue.  I was hoping this would give a cute edge for me to add some hand stitching around and use the pinking shears on.  I did it for the two appliqued hearts but then decided I didn't really love how they turned out, and ended up sewing the other four like I had done with the cotton hearts. I did, however, use the hot glue to seal up the hole on all of my stuffies.  It just seemed so much quicker than getting out a needle and thread and whip stitching them closed by hands.  Lazy, I know!

On one of the hearts I hot glued down a bunch of random pink buttons.  I didn't bother trying to lay it out before hand, just went for it.  It turned out pretty cute.

And here they all are in the adorable wire basket. 

A perfect touch of holiday charm for the front porch.

Now I just need something to hang on the front door....

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