Monday, February 22, 2016

Wood Tag Decor & a Giveaway!

Hey guys!  Thanks for stopping by.  Today's post is a good one if you love your chop saw like I do!  I am hosting a neighborhood craft night tomorrow and we'll be making these.  Craft groups are a fun way to get to know peeps in your area and create something together.  I started the group a little over a year ago and we've had a lot of fun.  So start one!

I bought two 1x8 boards at Home Depot for $10 a piece.  I had them cut them in half at the store so they would fit in my car, so this left with me four 60-inch boards.  I cut two of the boards into 15" sections, so I got a total of eight tags that size.  The other two boards I cut into 12" sections so I got 10 of those.  That's a total of 18 tags for 20 bucks. 
Mark off your lengths and cut them with the saw
Now it's time to cut the corners to create the tag shape.  For the first tag, and only the first tag, I decided how wide I wanted the top to be and how far I wanted the sides to come down.  I believe my measurements were around 2-1/4 inches in and 3-1/2 inches down.
Connect the marks with a straight edge and take it to the saw.  I like to line up the inside of my blade along my mark.  If you go through the middle of the mark it cuts away a bit more than want.
Be sure to make the mark for the other edge of the tag on the reverse side of the wood.  Learned this the hard way!  Now that your first tag has the edges cut off, you can use the trimmed off piece as your marking guide for the rest of your tags.
I used a 1/2" drill bit to drill hole into the top of each tag.  I just eyeballed it, but you can measure it out if perfection is your thang.
Sand the edges to smooth it out.  Pick your paint or stain.  I used white Waverly chalk paint from Wal-Mart and I did a speedy/cheater stain using watered down dark brown paint.  I sanded the edges again to distress them a bit.

Now it's vinyl time.  On the first couple of tags I just did a straight vinyl transfer.
On a couple of others I used the vinyl as a stencil and painted the designs on.  I recommend using a a dry brush and a stippling (dabbing) motion when you do this.  It will prevent the paint from bleeding under the vinyl.  When the paint is dry, pull the vinyl off and enjoy your handiwork.

To finish them off, I tied some ribbon through the holes.  On the bunny tag, the wood had a big split that was a little sappy down the center, so I cut out some card stock and used Mod Podge to adhere it to the tag.  Then I did the vinyl bunny silhouette on top of the paper.
 I wanted the carrots tag to look really aged, so I lightly sanded some of the paint off so that the wood would should through the text.

Contest time!  I'm going to give away the wood shamrock pictured below to one lucky reader!  There are two ways to enter:  Make a comment on this post or like the post on my Facebook page as well as the page itself.   A winner will be chosen at random. I'm trying to get the word out and grow my readership, so if my Facebook page gets to 500 likes by the time the contest closes, I will give away the "Hello Spring/Fresh Carrots" as a second prize to another randomly selected person.  So start sharing!  You might be the LUCKY winner!  Contest closes Friday February 26, 2016 at 11:59 PM Mountain Standard Time.
Update: A winner for the shamrock giveaway has been chosen! Congratulations Brittnie G! Each like on FB post and each commenter on this blog post were assigned a random number in Excel and ten was used to select a random number from all. 


  1. You know who lOVES your blog posts? Your favorite niece sierra ;)

  2. Did you hire a hand model to run that saw? ;)

  3. Loving the blog! I'm excited to start blogging as well! :)

  4. I have been enjoying your blog so much! I even got inspired to do a little thrift shopping and found an awesome outdoor table. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you Mandy! That's so nice of you. Be warned that thrift shopping can become addicting! ;)

  5. Wendy what a fun idea! These signs turned out darling. What a fun project. Not sure when you get it all done though....Do you ever sleep?

  6. More importantly, if you know how to "read" the patterns, you can predict which way the wood will move and how much. Because of its unique structure, wood is constantly expanding and contracting. And you must cope with this movement in everything you build. work sharp 3000