Sunday, February 28, 2016

Invisible Zipper Pillow Cover

Zippers can be a little tricky, or at least they seem that way.  I have tried a few different methods of putting in zippers and today I'm going to show you how I sew an invisible zipper.  

I had these beautiful bright floral pillows that my friend helped me pick out a couple of years ago.  I have loved them and didn't plan on replacing them until I discovered that our dog had chewed off one of the zippers.  Like completely chewed off!  So it has been a project on the list of things to do for a few weeks now.  While shopping at a thrift store I found this curtain panel for $5.  It was a nice thick  home interior fabric that would run $25-40 a yard at the fabric store. 
So I brought it home and threw it in the washer.  Isn't the print pretty?
To start the pillow cover you need to know your measurements.  You can measure the pillow or if you are replacing the covers like I was, you can measure them.  My pillows were 20 inches by 19 inches so that is the size I cut my fabric.  You can add extra for seam allowance if you like, but I wanted my covers to fit nice and snug. 

Now for the zippers.  You want to buy invisible zippers that are a bit longer than your project.  I was using 20-22 inch zippers.  

You need to press the zipper teeth.  To do this, you zip it open and lie it right side down.  Press the plastic teeth down flat.

It should look like this when you have it right side up
Line the raw edge of the zipper up with the raw edge of your fabric, right sides together (the pull of the zipper face down).  You can let the zipper overhang the fabric a bit on both sides.  Pin in place.
Use the zipper foot on your sewing machine and move your needle as far over to the left as it will go so that you are stitching right next to the teeth of the zipper.  (This next part isn't pictured- sorry!) Sew down as close to the pull as your presser foot will allow.  Take the fabric and zipper out from under the presser foot and slide the zipper up a way to give your pressure foot room.  Put it back under the foot and continue the seam.

Now fold your fabric and zipper out so that they are both ride sides up.  See how nice and close the fabric is to the teeth?  That would never work with a regular zipper.
Now take the back piece of your fabric and line the raw edge up with the other side of the zipper.
To make it easier to pin, I flipped both pieces of fabric over.
Sew along side the teeth just like you did on the first piece of fabric.  When you are done, test out the zipper to make sure the teeth are lined up and it works smoothly.
Trim off the extra lengths of the zipper.  Be sure not to unzip all the way at this point because there is nothing to stop the pull and it will come right off. 
Now for the home stretch.  Just pin the other three sides together and sew them up.  Clip the corners  and turn it inside out.  Put your pillow inside and zip up that gorgeous invisible zipper!

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