Friday, February 5, 2016

Red Velvet Oreo Cupcakes

Nothing says Valentine's Day quite like red velvet.  I'm bringing these little beauties to a church dinner tonight and thought I'd dress them up a bit for the holiday.

Here's what you will need:
  • Red Velvet cake mix
  • Red Velvet Oreo cookies
  • Cream cheese frosting
  • Red fondant
  • Decorator frosting tip
  • Luster dust
If you don't know what luster dust is, see my Sherlock Holmes Cake post.  You'll notice that I'm using store bought frosting here, which I normally don't do.  The reason that I chose to for these cupcakes is that  I wanted a shelf-stable cream cheese frosting.  I won't be able to control if they are refrigerated or not, so better safe than sorry.  I did, however, add my own regular buttercream frosting to the canned one so that A) I would have enough frosting for all of my cupcakes and B) So that I could control how stiff the frosting was.  You want a nice stiff buttercream for this design.

Start by mixing up your cake mix.  I always add a little something extra to my mix but I'm afraid it will have to stay a secret for now.  So add whatever you may like or just mix according to the package directions.

While your mixer is working, line your pan with paper cupcake liners and put a Red Velvet Oreo at the bottom of each.

The next step is the worst and really the only reason that I don't love making cupcakes.  It can be so messy to fill the pan!  I use a cookie or ice cream scoop but I usually still glop a little over edges.  Such a pain!  I put in two scoops of batter on top of each cookie and left a little room at the top for the cupcake to rise.  I ended up with enough batter to make 33 cupcakes, but that meant I needed two packages of the Oreos because those specialty flavors are apparently a real delicacy and they can only afford to put 24 in each package.

Bake those beauties and then cool.  While they are cooling you can get your frosting ready and put it into a decorating bag.  I used a small rose tip, Wilton #104.

I wanted a random ruffle pattern and so with the wider opening of the tip on the bottom closest to the cupcake, I did a tight back and forth swirl for a bit and then would switch directions.  The goals is for the frosting to stick up pretty straight and stay up straight.  If it starts to melt down that means your frosting is too soft.  Add some more powdered sugar to it.  This process kills my hands, but somehow I made it through.

Another frosting option is to do a border of wider ruffles and fill in the center with a fondant heart.

I used a cookie cutter to cut out the hearts and then I sampled a couple of different luster dust colors to see what I liked best.  On the right I used the color Claret and it was too pinky/purple.  On the left I used Shell Pink, which has quite a lot of gold in it.  The far right was turning the dust into paint and putting it all over.  The one in the middle was just dry brushing it on in random places. I decided I liked the dry brush method best so that the red would show through.

  I just pressed the fondant hearts down in the middle of the cupcakes and those ones are all finished

To finish up my ruffle cupcakes, I let them sit out for an hour or so in order to let the frosting firm up and crust.  Then I painted the tippy top edges of the ruffles with gold luster dust.  Top them with a mini fondant heart and there you have it.  Some beautiful Valentine's cupcakes!

And did I mention they are yummy? ....Cuz they are!

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