Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Thrift Store Finds

Today I thought I'd share a few of my latest thrift store finds.  There is a thrift store about five minutes from my house and I tend to go at least once a week, sometimes up to three times depending on my mood.  There are always things that I look for such as wood shutters, yard sticks, typewriters, old cameras and alarm clocks, unique furniture, lace, chandeliers, and of course American Girl dolls (but that really might have been a struck by lightening kind of occurrence).  This particular store has a pretty loyal following of customers.  There are always people waiting for the doors to open in the morning and when they bring out carts of new product, you better watch out.  It can get a little crazy!  So here are some of the things I have found in the past few weeks.

Grab bags can be awesome!  I found this one for $3.  I could tell that it had quite a bit of ribbon and trim so I figured it was worth it.
Here's what was inside:  3 partially complete leggings/outfits, 2 containers, 4 headbands, 2 flowers, 4 lengths of decorative elastic, 8 lengths of trim, and 13 lengths of ribbon some on spools and some not.
The next grab bag was only $2 and I bought it for one reason.  Can you see the treasure inside?
The appliques!  They will be perfect for a doll dress.  The bag also contained an almost new spool of jute twine, some kind of HVAC template, a furniture marker, a few pencils, metal hook thingies, some safety pins, and oodles of buttons.  You can never have enough buttons!
I just got this grab bag today for $2.  It has 19 spools of thread, half of which still have the plastic around them.  Thread will run you anywhere from $1-4 at the store so this was a pretty good find.
I don't always buy things to keep.  Sometimes I buy it to resell and make a little money on.  This is a good way to support future thrifting trips.  ;)  I got this adorable play kitchen for $6.  It was in great shape other than I needed to clean if up a bit.  I would have kept it if it weren't for the fact that we already have a two-piece set by the same manufacturer.  I think I paid $130 for our set.  Sheesh!
I got these amazing snow shoes for $35.  They are from WWII era and were in excellent condition.
These vintage school lunch trays were $2 a piece.  I bought 10 in all, used four for the kids Valentine's dinner, and sold the rest.

This cute gray/green metal microscope was $10.  The wood box it was stored in was equally as cute.
This huge (40" long) wood and metal tool box was $4
And then there are doll houses.  I have a real weakness for doll houses. Having all girls, we have quite a few around here.  I just can't seem to pass them up!  This amazing Victorian wood doll house was only $6 (furniture not included).  This was made from a kit and obviously took someone hours and hours to put together.
I just picked up this house earlier this week and paid $5 for it.  It is a Calico Critters brand and they no longer make it, so the only one listed on Ebay was $400!  This one is not worth so much because almost all the railings are missing and a couple of the window panes. The furniture did come with this but it is glued down!  Not sure who does that?  I have bought Legos at the thrift store before only to bring them home and find out they were glued together.  I guess parents don't want the pieces to get lost, but it sure seems like it makes it hard to play with.  
You can see a lot more of my thrift store finds in my craft room post HERE and HERE.  If you haven't been to a thrift store in a while, give it a shot.  There might be a treasure waiting for you.

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