Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Front Porch Decor - Spring Edition

It's getting warmer here in Utah and spring fever is setting in.  With Easter coming so early this year, it's definitely time to brighten up that front porch!

I made a new banner for the the yard stick frame.  If you missed that post you can find it HERE.  This time I wanted to do an applique rather than printing.  I used a heavy utility fabric as my base because I want it to hang as straight as possible.  It's similar to canvas in texture. I bought some cute cotton prints from Wal-Mart to add some color.

I cut the striped fabric into 1-1/2" wide strips and the pink fabric into 6" wide strips.  I sewed them together and pressed open the seam.

Again, I want this baby pretty thick, so I wrapped these pieces around the sides of the white fabric rather than just sewing it on.  I did this by placing the fabrics right sides together and measuring in three inches from the raw edge of the white fabric to the raw edge of the striped fabric.  Then I pinned the fabric in place and stitched it together.

Once it is sewn together, press the seam down flat.

Now fold the pink fabric over the edge of the white and press again.  The picture below shows the back side of the banner as I'm pressing the pink edge in place.  Pin again so that it stays in place while you sew it.

Stitch "in the ditch" to secure the loose edge of the pink fabric to the back of the banner.

Repeat on the other side.  Trim any excess fabric you may have.  I also added a white crochet trim (which I forgot to take a picture of) between the striped and pink fabrics.

Now for the applique.  Use a fusible web and iron it to the wrong side of the fabric.  While the paper backing of the fusible web is still on, sketch out your design.

It's supposed to be a mason jar in case you're wondering.

You can cut around your sketch, peel off the paper backing, and iron it down to the banner.

You don't have to sew around the edges since you have already ironed it on, but I wanted to give it more definition as well as add stems for my flowers.  I kept my paper backing from the fusible web and laid it down on top of my jar as I stitched to use as a guide for my stitch lines.  When you are done sewing, rip the paper carefully away from the stitches.

If you want a kind of hand drawn look, have fun with it when you are sewing.  Make the lines a little crooked and double over them once or twice.

Now for the flowers.  I cut two different size circles in two different colors of fabric.  I just freehand cut them because they don't need to be perfect.  I used six big circles and five or six small circles for each flower.  You also need to a cut a felt circle to use as a base that is about the same size as your small circles.

Start by folding the circle in half and then folding the half circle into accordion thirds, like so:

Hot glue the wedges down to the felt base.  Kind of like wedges in a pie.  I also put a little dab of glue in between the folds of each wedge to hold the shape.

Do the same with your center petals

Glue a button as your center.  I used three of the buttons from my recent thrifting trip.

See how they pop off the banner and give it dimension?

I finished my top and bottom edges with a serger and pinched it into my frame.

Is it perfectly straight? No.
Do I care?  Um...not enough to redo it.  It's that "homemade look," right?

I used my left over edge pieces to make a fabric bunting.  You can find a tutorial for that HERE.

I also made the rounds to several local thrift store to find galoshes.  I got the kids pair for $3 and the adult ones for $6.  I spray painted them and filled them with silk flowers and greenery from Michael's ($14).

Thanks for stopping by and happy spring (almost)!

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