Tuesday, March 8, 2016

More Thrift Finds

Hey guys!  Thanks for check in.  Today I'm sharing this week's fabulous thrift finds.  It's safe to say I am very much addicted at this point.  Can't wait for yard sale season to start!

I managed to find another Kidcraft retro kitchen play set.  This one is actually in rougher shape than the last one but was priced twice as high at $12.  Go figure.  Same thrift store, different employees I suppose.
I got these two pairs of old ice skates for $4 each.  I'm going to sell one pair and keep the other for decoration.  I've seen some really cute projects using old skates.
How amazing is this vintage picnic basket?  I think it will be pretty cute on the porch filled with flowers in the summertime.  It set me back three bucks.
Next up is a set of knitting needles.  Now, I don't necessarily knit.  I have done it a bit in the past and I'm not much good at it but maybe one day I'll want to try it again and when I do I'll have the supplies.  This bundle was $3.

I think my favorite find over the past couple weeks has been this old Yahtzee game.  The cup is full of all kinds of different dice.  It will look amazing in the game room...when I have a game room, that is!
And last but not least, I totally lucked out and found an American Girl bitty baby twin doll at Savers for $4.  I think the tights are worth that much!  So excited to give this to my littlest for her birthday.  So shhhh....keep the secret, k?

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