Friday, June 10, 2016

The Latest Thrifted Treasures

My visits to the thrift store have been pretty frequent over the last couple of months.  It was my little getaway once I dropped off my preschooler and also an excuse to get out of working.  hee hee.  Here are a few of my latest finds:

A cute little dollhouse.  Someone spent quite a few hours putting this kit house together.  It needs a little makeover but will be the perfect size for Lalaloopsy mini dolls or Calico Critters.  $2

Some nesting bowls.  Ironically I found the matching platter at a different thrift store a week or so later, but forgot to take a picture of it.  These little beauties were also $2 for the set.

K, this one's from an antique store so it wasn't so cheap but it was just so darned cute that I couldn't pass it up.  I have seen these sell for $50 at antique stores before.  It's an old tin toy typewriter.  I got mine for $17 and it fits in perfectly in my craft room/office.
I lucked out and found a matching toy phone in the thrift store collectible department for $10

This cute little metal sewing machine is an ornament that I snagged for $1.  I was originally thinking it would be a cute accessory for the American Girl dolls, but I decided it looks really cute in my craft room.

This darling metal shelf was only $3.  I covered it with white spray paint and hung it up on the wall in my daughter's bathroom to hold all the many bottles of nail polish that were previously covering the counter tops. 

My heart skipped a few beats when I found this bag in the toys section at Savers.  My third daughter has an extensive collection of Lalaloopsy minis and I have never been able to find them before at thrift stores or yard sales.   This was a lucky day indeed.  Turns out there were eight dolls jammed in this bag as well as six Littlest Pet Shop animals, which are also popular at our house. 

This adorable chalkboard stand is on wheels, so it was no-brainer for me to get for $10.  The reverse side has shelves.  I think it is perfect for playing school or store and could even be a lemonade stand if I added an awning on top.

Whenever I see wood shutters I snatch them up because they will usually resell pretty fast.  I think I paid $5 for each two-panel set and $1 each single. I sold them for $10 for the doubles and $5 for the singles.  Made myself a little bit 'o money to spend on other thrifting ventures.

This wood tray set has such a cute scalloped edge!  I paid $1.50 for it and sold it for $12.

 I got this nightstand for the American Girl dolls for $2

And this cupboard was $10 at a yard sale (also doll-sized).  I normally wouldn't pay that much but the lady would not budge on price and I had driven a couple cities south so I thought I better buy something to make it worth my while.  The tea set, dishes and mop came from the thrift store for a couple bucks.

And last but not least, an American Girl doll!  She was laying out on the grass at a yard sale and it was fairly late in the morning, like around 9:30.  I couldn't believe no one had bought her.  Her name is Lindsey and she was the first Girl of the Year, which makes her a little more collectible than some of the other dolls.  She can sell for around $130-150 in good condition.  This doll, however, is in very loved condition.  Definitely in need of  a makeover.  Stay tuned for that!

Thanks for stopping by and happy thrifting! 

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