Monday, July 11, 2016

Boy Dolls for American Girl

For whatever reason, American Girl has yet to make boy dolls in 18" size.  There are boy bitty twins, but as of the end of this year those will be retiring.  So people have been making their own boy dolls to have as brothers for their American Girls for a while now.  It's nothing new and people make quite a bit of money making and selling custom dolls.  I (as I am sure you well know) am not willing to spend $150 for a boy doll and so I have tried making a few of my own and I thought I would share the results.

The first boy doll we had was actually Jack, a boy doll made by Battat and sold in the 1990s.  I already shared some pics of him in this POST.
The next boy doll was my first attempt at a conversion.  He is an Our Generation doll that I bought on clearance for $17.  I just removed the makeup on the lips and cheeks using a Magic Eraser and gave the eyelashes a trim.  I also painted his eyebrows in a little thicker using regular acrylic craft paint.
I made this track suit from a doll pattern and just added the pocket and buttons to make it a little more boyish.  I crocheted the hat using a free pattern I found on Pinterest.

I found these three love ladies at various thrift stores for prices ranging from $1.50 to $3 a piece.  They were begging to be turned into boys.  This time I tried my hand and rewigging, which is quite a process.
You can use a spoon to pry the wig off, but I also had to use nail polish remover to dissolve the glue.  Be careful though, because this will melt the plastic.  The wigs were not easy to get off!  I got blisters on my hands from the dumb spoon and had to recruit my husband to take the wig off the second doll.  I kept the hair on the doll on the right.  It was already short and I just gave it a little trim.  Here he is sans wig:
I bought the wigs on Ebay and they ranged from $3-7 each.  I wanted to go as cheap as possible.  They are size 11/12.  I haven't used the middle blonde one yet because it looks an awful lot like Trump hair. 
Every tutorial I read said to put the wigs on with Alene's craft glue.  I didn't have a whole lot of success with that.  I think E6000 works much better.  Putting the wig on can be tricky too.  I ended up getting it all over the wig hair in spots and had to clean it out as best as I could.
Here they are with their new wigs.  The red one is a pretty sweet mullet style.  No wonder it was on clearance!
I also removed makeup, trimmed eyelashes, and painted eyebrows.  Here are the fellas all dressed and ready to go:
I have also been busy sewing for the girl dolls.  Our third daughter recently turned 8 and we gave her a beautiful like new red-headed doll and a wardrobe filled with several new outfits, including a white dress that matches my daughter's baptism dress.
The wardrobe also contained a Hawaiian style maxi dress
A tank and capri outfit
A shorts and button-up retro look
And a more modern print dress
I also made this historical dress for our fourth daughter's birthday in April when we gave her this Addy doll.
We are headed back to Disneyland in just a bit and so I made the two littles Minnie Mouse inspired dresses for their dolls.  I bought the Mickey hats from another talented seamstress online.

Clearly my obsession with American Girl has not subsided.  I have been buying, fixing up, and selling like crazy.  Remember this Lindsey doll I got at the yard sale for $5?  She was extremely dirty and her little legs and arms were barely holding on.

I cleaned her arms and legs with a Magic Eraser, washed and curled her hair, and put new metal crimps on her strings to tighten her limbs.  She still isn't perfect, but I was able to make a $50 profit.

I also bought a Caroline doll to fix up a bit and sell.  I made a $20 profit from her.

And we can't forge the Bitty Babies/Twins!  I sewed carriers/beds for them using a pattern I bought from Dana Made It.

Are you curious about how much I've spent on all of these dollies?  I certainly was, so I ran the numbers.  Are you sitting down?  Brace yourself!  I have spent $1,300 on American Girl dolls, furniture, etc. in the past year and a half or so!  A THOUSAND dollars!  Holly smokes.

But the good news?  I have made about $1,340 on the ones that I have sold!  So that means that the nine regular size AG dolls we have kept, the Bitty Baby, the Bitty Twins, as well as several pieces of AG furniture are all free!  My obsession has paid off!