Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Quilt Cabinet

After seeing several super cute quilt display cabinets on Pinterest, I'd been keeping my out for one of my own.  I had seen a few really beautiful antique cabinets that made me swoon but I wasn't willing or able to pay several hundreds of dollars for them.  I came across this beauty at one of my favorite antique stores in Logan, Utah.  The first time I saw it I passed it up.
It was obviously a home wood-working project for someone and had been sitting outside for quiet a while.  She was a bit rough.  The top, back, and sides (on the bottom) of the cabinet were all made out of cheap pressed "board."  You know, the stuff that is more like really thick cardboard and not wood?  All of these pieces were also painted black, which I was not a big fan of.  So I shopped around a bit more but I just kept thinking about this cabinet.  What I love about it is the fact that it has several wide and short shelves and full glass on three sides.  It just seemed perfect for displaying quilts.  So I went back to the store and was able to talk the owner down to $75 from $100 and I brought that baby home...spider webs and all!

I really did not like the bottom of the cabinet.  The fake board was just hideous.  And so I came up with ingenious plan of cutting off the bottom portion and attaching new legs. 

And so my wonderful husband went to work with the circular saw...
 As soon as the bottom was off I thought, "uh oh."  Big mistake!  If I had this to do all over again I would NOT have cut the bottom off.  But alas...the deed was done.  So we headed off to Lowe's to look for legs.  This is where the project became a bit pricey.  The legs were $10 each.  Ugh.  My hubby used some screws through the bottom of the cabinet to attach them.

She was looking a bit tipsy at this point.  I'd say an apple body type.  In an attempt to make the bottom a bit more substantial, we cut down some boards to put in between the legs. And then it was time for paint.  I used Waverly chalk paint in the color ivory.  I eventually deiced to paint over all the hardware.
We also cut new shelves out of thicker wood and I painted those an aqua color.  Here she is all finished before I added the quilts.

And here she is stocked with quilts

She currently resides in the piano room, which is just off of the entry.  All the quilts are from antique stores and thrift stores.  I believe I paid $20 for each of the top two, and $10 each for the lower three.  Someone asked me if I had made all the quilts and I had to tell them no, but it got me thinking...maybe I should start making quilts!  Within a few weeks of finishing this cabinet I was off to the fabric store to start making my picks.
I didn't use a pattern of any kind.  I decided to do pinwheels, so I cut my fabrics into 6"squares.  I sewed two different patterns together around all four edges and then cut on the diagonal both directions so that they each folded out in triangles. I then sewed the triangles blocks together to form the pinwheel shape.  I will not lie, the centers for my pinwheels were quite thick because it is tricky to press out that many seams.  And not all of them meet perfectly.  Who cares?!  I ended up doing 9 pinwheel squares across by 11 down for a total of 99 squares.  I decided to hand quilt around the the patterned triangles for a total of 396 triangles.  It was a LOT of sewing and took me about six weeks longer than I hoped.  But it was something to do while I watched TV at night.
For the backing I used an old vintage sheet that I found at the DI for $3.  I loved it, and actually I picked it out before any of the other fabrics so it gave me a good starting point for colors.
The finished product!
 I think if I were doing it all over again, I would have randomized the squares rather than putting them in an order, but I love how it turned out.  I used a binding technique that I found on Pinterest called "Suzie's magic binding."  It gives a little pop of a second color, which I love.
I haven't decided whether to put the quilt in the cabinet or not.  Right now it is comfortably perched on the back of our beautiful wood choir seats in the entry.  I feel like if it stays there I need to get a more colorful rug.  Guess I'll have to go shopping.  Shucks!

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  1. This cabinet looks perfect for quilt.Normally we don't put quilt in cabinet and put the quilts on the lower side of the bed.But now I would have cabinet for this purpose.