Monday, February 6, 2017

DIY Union Jack Dresser

For Christmas this year my oldest daughter asked for her room to be redecorated.  Normally I would be a-okay with this idea because I love decorating (especially the shopping part) but I was slightly annoyed by this request since I had just redecorated her room about a year ago.  To be fair though, it was a room she shared with her sister at the time and it was in our previous house, so I could understand why she would want something fresh.

I never got around to posting the original redecorating, so bear with me while I post some pictures of the room the two girls shared previously.  Here is what we started with.  Not bad, but ready for a change.
We added navy stripes to the wall and I painted some night stands and a dresser to match the bedding set from Target.  I bought the navy curtains at Ross and added the coral pink fabric to the bottom so that they were floor length  I thought it was so cute!
Fast forward to the present and my oldest says she "hates pink." Ugh.  Okay...okay...I told her we could redo her room as long as we kept the dresser the same.  I love this dresser!
I bought it from a thrift store for $30.  It was missing all hardware except the top drawer, so I found some new pulls and painted them all gold.  I used chalk paint on the dresser and finished with a coat of wax.  This baby wasn't going anywhere.

So here is her new teen girl room.  I call it "British Lumberjack"

She wanted a tree mural on one wall.  Most of the ones that we found on Pinterest were from the UK and upwards of $500 (insert cough/gasp), which wasn't going to happen.  We found this one for $80 shipped.  It was a bit of a beast to put up and the hubby and I may have had a disagreement or two whilst putting it up, but it all came together in the end.  There are a few wrinkles left but most all of the bubbles flattened out when it dried.

And now for the dresser.  A friend had posted a picture of a dresser with a Union Jack on it on Facebook and I loved it.  I figured it was perfect for my daughter's dresser because it was already navy blue.
We removed the hardware from the center three drawers and started making our marks.  We decided to end at the edges of the drawers rather than carrying the lines all the way to edge of the dresser.  I've seen it done both ways and they both look great.  First we decided how wide we wanted our cross to be and measured in from the sides of the drawers. 
Turns out that the Union Jack is not symmetrical as I had always thought it was.  It was a little bit of a trick to figure out.  We taped off the areas that we were going to paint red first, using the level to keep the tape straight.  Once we had the center cross marked off, we taped from the intersection in the middle out to the corners.
We used Waverly chalk paint in Crimson and Plaster.
After the first coat of paint I was thinking we had made a big mistake.  It looked a bit rough!
Another two coats and it was starting to look pretty good.  We used craft foam brushes and crosshatched our lines.  So with the first coat we painted in one direction, the second coat we went opposite direction, and so on. 
Once dry (we left ours overnight), we removed the tape and then taped off the portions that were going to be white.  Unfortunately I neglected take a photo of that step.  But here she is after the white paint dried:
There were some spots where the paint bled under the tape and we touched those up with a small brush.
The toughest part of this paint job was the spaces between the drawers.  Because the drawers curve around, it was impossible to line everything up perfectly.  We saved those spaces for last and just did what looked best from eye level.

The paint was a bit too bright to match the comforter on her bed, so I wanted to tone down the colors a bit and give it an antiqued finish.  You can buy wax that is already tinted or you can tint it yourself. To do this, I just mixed the clear wax with some brown paint in a washed out applesauce container.

 You just paint it on and then wipe off as little or as much as you want like you would with a glaze.

I wiped most of the wax off.  The picture below shows the plain paint on the top drawer and the waxed finish on the bottom drawer.  I like that it is subtle but darkens it just enough to dull down the bright colors and also settle into the cross-hatched grooves a bit.
Put the hardware back on and this beauty is finished!  I love it so much.  It is my favorite part of the room and one of my favorite pieces of furniture in the whole house.

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  1. Amazing! That's the coolest dresser ever! I love it and the room! So stylish!