Saturday, March 4, 2017

Launching a new product line on Etsy

Guys, you all know how much I love thrift shopping. I think I have found the perfect product for me to create and sell: Vintage inspired pincushions!
I'm super excited about it. Not because I plan to become independently wealthy selling these little beauties, but because I love creating them. It's all about the thrill of the hunt. I've been scouring the thrift and antique store shelves for the perfect project pieces and I'm finally ready to debut my new product line today in my Etsy shop. Just click on my Etsy link in the top right corner.

As a reader of the blog, you get a special sneak peak of all the pincushions I'm listing today in just a few minutes.  And don't you worry, there will be more to come.  I already have a closet shelf full of a dozen more planters, etc. just waiting to be transformed, so check back in the shop periodically to see what is new. 

Thanks to all of you for supporting me and taking the time to read my nonsense.  Love to all!

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