Monday, May 22, 2017

Harry Potter Party

So this post is a FULL YEAR late!  hahaha.  The pics have just been waiting patiently in my folder to be posted.  Little S wanted a Harry Potter party for her 8th birthday (yah...she's 9 now).  Here's what we came up with.

DECORATIONS:  I tried to create a bit of an atmosphere for her guests as soon as they arrived.  I mad this platform 9-3/4 door cover with gray paper off the roll from a part store that I stamped with a sponge dipped in brick red paint.  A bit time consuming, but effective.  I also put my Broom Parking sign from Halloween out on the porch.

 Inside we had the shelf above the fireplace decked out with more Halloween decor as well as some of the party favors that I will go into more detail on later.
I borrowed a few things from neighbors, including this hand-painted sign, on old trunk, a cardboard cutout of the HP gang, and a Hedwig.  I wrapped her presents in brown kraft paper to try to make it look like they were packages from Diagon Alley ready to be loaded on the Hogwarts Express!

As each guest arrived we gave them each a Harry lightning bolt scar with an eyeliner pencil and a pair of round glasses.  Once everyone had arrived, it was time to sort!   Another neighbor came to the rescue with this official Sorting Hat and my husband had a recording of different house callouts on his phone that he played through the bluetooth speaker once every child had been seated on the stool with the hat on. 

 Once they found out what house they were in, they grabbed a scarf out of the old suitcase and sat with their houses.   I sewed these together out of fleece and just cut the fringe at the ends since fleece doesn't fray.

GAMES/ACTIVITIES:  It was time to go to class!  We headed outside for a Quiditch match.  My husband made some hoops and we basically just turned it into a relay where two houses faced each other in a race (on broomstick of course) to throw the quaffle through the hoop.

Next class was potions, which I unfortunately did not get any pictures of.  If I remember correctly, we had put different colors of food coloring in the bottom of each glass and let it dry.  Then the potions teacher gave them a concoction of Sprite from a beaker to add to their cups.  Everybody's drink turned a different color and they all enjoyed a little refreshment.

On to Care of Magical Creatures.  This was the craft portion of the party.  I helped the kids cover little notebooks in fur and we glued on googly eyes, teeth, and tongues.  They were super cute!

We ended with a round or two of Beanboozled

Everyone got to take home a goody bag that included wands, pet owls, and gold coins from Gringotts.  I'm super mad at myself for not taking a picture of all of the wands.  My hubby and our two older girls made them by taking a chopstick and covering it with hot glue in assorted patterns.  Once the glue dried and set up, they painted them all different. They were amazing!  I made the wand boxes out of card stock.  They had a label on the end of the box that said the makeup and size of the wand as well as a sticker on top from Olivanders.  It printed them on my computer using blank Avery labels.

It was such a fun party!  We love Harry Potter at our house!  And last but not least...the cake!